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Hi there! My name is Durga. Yes, that is my real name, not a spiritually-inspired change of name. My parents named me Durga. I hope to live a life that is symbolic of the goddess that I was named after.

I live in Singapore.

My goal in life is to be happy and peaceful. And to be my true and authentic self. That is not always easy, but there are way around it. Some, I have figured out and others, I am still learning.

Anytime I come across something inspiring or have wisdom whispered into my intuition, I put it in this page. I come back to this page often when I am in need of a spiritual pick-me-up and realised that this page can help many others who are on the same path as me.

More than anything, I wanted to create a safe page for everyone to come to and feel included and understood. All of us are unique and we have different challenges to overcome but beneath it all, I truly believe we are one and the same.

All of us want to feel loved. All of us want to feel happy. All of us want to feel free. And all of us deserve all three!




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