Soul-stirring books

The Light Between Us by Laura Lynne Jackson

What is my mission in life? What happens when I die? Are psychic gifts real? Is it something to be afraid of? What does it feel like to be a psychic? Are my loved ones who have crossed over doing fine? How are they feeling? If you have asked yourself any of the questions above,… Continue reading The Light Between Us by Laura Lynne Jackson

With yourself

The whispers of the soul

What is your soul whispering to you right this very moment? What would you change about your life if you stopped and adjusted your life one whisper at a time? How would you live, love and most importantly, how would you feel? The whispers are the gatewaysย that lead us to living the live of our… Continue reading The whispers of the soul

With Spirit

Walking the sacred labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth is supposed to symbolise our spiritual journey. A labyrinth looks like a maze, however, unlike a maze, it doesn't have any detours, diversions or dead ends along the path. The path leads straight to the soul of the labyrinth though it takes a while to get there. The walk is meant to… Continue reading Walking the sacred labyrinth