With yourself

Shower mindfully

Have you ever realised that you are in the shower but barely present? I have. I realised that I would soap myself, shampoo and condition my hair, and sometimes even brush teeth while the water is still running. Completely absent from the present moment.

Here is a quick guide if you tend to shower unconsciously too.

Tap on.


Tap off.

Soap body.

Tap on.

Rinse off soap.

Tap off.

Use the on & off method above and continue with your shower ritual. Shampoo, condition, brush, floss, oil pull, etc. Sounds very basic and simple. Even obvious. Try it. It is very calming and you would realise that you tend to linger in the shower longer than necessary because of your mind.

With yourself

The whispers of the soul


What is your soul whispering to you right this very moment?

What would you change about your life if you stopped and adjusted your life one whisper at a time?

How would you live, love and most importantly, how would you feel?

The whispers are the gateways that lead us to living the live of our dreams. We just need to listen and walk down the path with faith and completely surrender that all is well.

Our intuition is always there to guide us to live limitlessly. Years of fear, anxiety, pain, shame, resistance and the in-built “lack” mentality are some of the common blockages in our lives. In a true state of calm, the intuition will be louder than any of the above.

Ever felt trapped in a particular situation? You can change it! Every time you catch yourself thinking, “If only…’ or ‘What if…’, that is your soul stirring you on! Act on it. If you are telling yourself that you will start working on something that you desire when you truly feel ready… that time might never come as you might never ever feel ready. Start somewhere, anywhere. You are good enough to start working on your dream/s now

Just listen to one tiny whisper at a time – what can you change today? 🙂 ❤

“Everyone has oceans to fly, as long as they have the heart to do it. It is reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?” – Amelia Earhart

❤ ❤ ❤


With yourself

Just for today…

I got this inspiration from the 5 reiki principles! But instead of 5, I am offering you just this one line to live by just for today

Just for today, I will consciously transform all of my thoughts and words into positive, kind and empowering ones.

Be conscious of your thoughts and words today. Pay attention to them. If a negative thought comes up, change it into a positive thought instead.

Speak only words that are positive, empowering (for your self and others) and kind.

If you stray, remember your intention and come back to practice. 🙂

Write this intention and leave it somewhere that will serve as a gentle reminder to you.

Focus on this intention for a month and see how magnificently your life and outlook has changed! ♥️

With food, With yourself

Eating to escape


I own the terrible feelings that I feel in my body, mind and soul and I let them be. Somehow, allowing them to surface, instead of keeping them repressed, makes them go away. When I allow the murky, overwhelming and unpleasant feelings the room to make themselves known, I have learnt that overtime, they become weaker and have less influence on me.

Sometimes I eat when I am full, because I feel an emptiness in my soul that needs to be filled. And the moment the bag of chips finishes, I feel the well-acquainted feeling of having let myself down, even though I knew better. That is what hurts. The fact that I knew better.

But this is not a post about regrets, it is a post about progression.

I have learnt that feeling through the undesirable emotions is an important step in putting food into my body with love. My body is my vessel, and if I don’t treat it right, I wouldn’t be able to live the life I am meant to live. More importantly, I will not be able to share the love I am here to share and spread. Because I have learnt that before I try to be loving towards others, I need to love and respect myself – both the intuition of the formless and the health of the physical form.


With yourself

You are beautiful!

The Lilypad

I was walking in a mall recently and this roadshow sales lady came up to me and told me to try her skin care products and that it would brighten my skin. That was her opening line!

A lot of thing came up after that encounter with her. I was reminded of all the times that I was bullied in school because of my dark complexion. I was called names, left out of activities (once some girls said that they wouldn’t come for a game of basketball if I were there and my friend actually came up to me and asked if I still wanted to be play in the game because all of them wouldn’t turn up if I went, I still went anyway. Only my two friends and I were there. I was 12 by the way), scratched, turned away from, kids would wipe their hands if they touched me and even refused to touch my worksheets.

These happened in the diverse, multi-racial and multi-cultural Singapore. And I believe it happens everywhere around the world.

I was dwelling in the negativity in my head for a while and then had some sudden insights that helped me to snap out of it.

  1. If this issue is still affecting me after so many years, it means I still have work to do in this area. I need to release and open myself up to love.
  2. I created a perception about the situation in my head which probably was not true anyway.

I just came back from a 4-day mindfulness retreat and remember a monastic telling us that the scent and beauty of a rose does not change or diminish just because everyone has an opinion about it. How very apt.

I am worthy of love. I am beautiful. My body is the vessel of love, kindness and joy. And I respect my vessel that allows me to touch the lives of so many people. I will make it my mission to lead people to the realisation that love, kindness and compassion are our innate similarities which makes all of our external differences so insignificant.

Love to all! ❤