With yourself

Shower mindfully

Have you ever realised that you are in the shower but barely present? I have. I realised that I would soap myself, shampoo and condition my hair, and sometimes even brush teeth while the water is still running. Completely absent from the present moment.

Here is a quick guide if you tend to shower unconsciously too.

Tap on.


Tap off.

Soap body.

Tap on.

Rinse off soap.

Tap off.

Use the on & off method above and continue with your shower ritual. Shampoo, condition, brush, floss, oil pull, etc. Sounds very basic and simple. Even obvious. Try it. It is very calming and you would realise that you tend to linger in the shower longer than necessary because of your mind.

With food, With yourself

Eating to escape


I own the terrible feelings that I feel in my body, mind and soul and I let them be. Somehow, allowing them to surface, instead of keeping them repressed, makes them go away. When I allow the murky, overwhelming and unpleasant feelings the room to make themselves known, I have learnt that overtime, they become weaker and have less influence on me.

Sometimes I eat when I am full, because I feel an emptiness in my soul that needs to be filled. And the moment the bag of chips finishes, I feel the well-acquainted feeling of having let myself down, even though I knew better. That is what hurts. The fact that I knew better.

But this is not a post about regrets, it is a post about progression.

I have learnt that feeling through the undesirable emotions is an important step in putting food into my body with love. My body is my vessel, and if I don’t treat it right, I wouldn’t be able to live the life I am meant to live. More importantly, I will not be able to share the love I am here to share and spread. Because I have learnt that before I try to be loving towards others, I need to love and respect myself – both the intuition of the formless and the health of the physical form.