With yourself

Reuse it!

My creative reusing of my barely used but incredibly gorgeous 2016 planner! 😀

Have you ever felt embarrassed reusing some thing that is perfectly reusable? 
I have and I want to share with you that it is fine to be creative and reuse items! And it is normal for people to sometimes question or associate your mini Picasso masterpiece *doing a short dance here* with the inability to acquire new items.

It has happened to me but let me tell you this… it does not matter what others think! It’s your life, take full control of it and just be you! You are not here to impress anyone! You are here to live your life in full connection with your being which is full of love and light! ❤

The culture of more and not enough is getting stronger and stronger and some of us do not want to get sucked into it. Some of us want to declutter, others want to resist the urge to buy more than we need and some of us just get a kick out of creating new things out of old goodies. Whatever your reason is, focus, be you and rock it! 

Life can throw rocks or even boulders at us which can sometimes push us off course. Let’s focus, do our best to stay on course and smile! It’s ok to be different! 🙂

With yourself

Be you. Be yourself.


Growing up, I was hooked to the television whenever wrestling was on. I was a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a, “The Rock”. Though I have stopped watching wrestling for more than 10 years, I am still respect the man. Sometimes these celebrities seem to have just fallen out of the sky. We tend to forget that they are humans, too.

I came across this inspiring video that reminded me, that despite all of our unique challenges, deep down, all of us are one and the same.

We struggle. We cry. We fall. We rise. And often times, we fall again.

We need to learn to be ourselves. To be authentic. And to love ourselves the way we are.

Thank you, Dwayne, for being so authentic and for inspiring me to be me! Yes, the most powerful thing I can ever be, is myself.

photo credit: And Be Yourself via photopin (license)