With yourself

Reuse it!

My creative reusing of my barely used but incredibly gorgeous 2016 planner! 😀

Have you ever felt embarrassed reusing some thing that is perfectly reusable? 
I have and I want to share with you that it is fine to be creative and reuse items! And it is normal for people to sometimes question or associate your mini Picasso masterpiece *doing a short dance here* with the inability to acquire new items.

It has happened to me but let me tell you this… it does not matter what others think! It’s your life, take full control of it and just be you! You are not here to impress anyone! You are here to live your life in full connection with your being which is full of love and light! ❤

The culture of more and not enough is getting stronger and stronger and some of us do not want to get sucked into it. Some of us want to declutter, others want to resist the urge to buy more than we need and some of us just get a kick out of creating new things out of old goodies. Whatever your reason is, focus, be you and rock it! 

Life can throw rocks or even boulders at us which can sometimes push us off course. Let’s focus, do our best to stay on course and smile! It’s ok to be different! 🙂

With others

Give me a hug

Have you ever felt so down that when someone completely unsuspecting gave you a hug, you felt tears well up in your eyes?

It happened to me once when a complete stranger I met during work, an elderly woman, thanked me for looking after her and gave me a sincere hug before leaving the aircraft. I was having such a tough day but hid it behind a smiling facade that I felt like crying in gratitude for her kindness. 

You might think that it is weird to hug a stranger but we had such a good positive connection that it felt just right. She told me that she was from South Africa and I told her that it was my dream to visit her beautiful country. She looked me in the eye and told me to make my dreams come true, that they were important. She had such a grandmotherly vibe about her – kind eyes, wise words and a smile from the heart.

If you have ever experienced such a moment, you would understand how powerful that brief connection can be.

Afterall, a hug is a physical way to show someone that you care for them, wish them the best or (if you are seeing someone after some time) that you have missed them. 

The next time you really want to hug someone you love or care for, let your guard down and go for it. If you are not sure if the other person is receptive, just ask them, “Would you like a hug?” Or “Can I give you a hug?”. 

Pass on the gift of love and kindness! ❤

With Spirit

Beautiful day!

It’s a beautiful day today! 

Stop for a moment and just breathe. Be aware of the breathe the whole time and expect nothing. Just breathe. Without altering your breath.

Even if you are not feeling your best, breathe and observe anyway.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Breathing in,

I am grateful for today. 

Breathing out,

I say thank you for the beautiful day.


Thank you.


With others, With Spirit, With yourself

No coming, no going

From Plum Village:

“No coming, no going, no after, no before.

I hold you close to me, I release you to be so free.

Because I am in you, and you are in me.

Because I am in you, and you are in me.”

I weeped the first time I heard this song. The message of interconnectedness and unity is so strong in this song. 

Sometimes it’s so hard to embrace our oneness in a world that so wrapped around individuality and separateness. All I want to do most of the time is to survive and not drown. But the realisation is that noone can force me to drown. One can only cause a turbulent sea in my life but I get the power to decide to either swim or drown. At times, I would have to swim hard over extended periods of time, and at other times, I can gracefully float. I have the power to choose. And I choose to stay afloat. Always.

This song also reminds me of my dad. Even though he has left his physical body, he is still energetically very much present in my life. He has immersed fully into oneness as he left his vessel and the more I connect to the stillness within, the closer I get to him too. He and I are no different. You and I are no different. We are all of the same essence.

With yourself

We are all born leaders

I got on a bus the other day and saw a teenage school girl get on with a student council badge pinned to her uniform. A badge of leadership. 

In schools, being selected for the student council is prestigious and coverted. Only students with tops scores got chosen for the council and got to go for leadership camps, outward bound school and many other special activities. 

I understand the idea of a student-led student body, however, I wish at some point, all of us were empowered to become the leaders of our own lives. 

Our purpose is to become our own leaders. To take our lives in our hands and dance with it. To find our bliss. To slow down and really pay deep attention to ourselves and our actions. We are all born leaders! 

You! You are a leader! And you don’t need a badge to prove it! Go lead your life by listening to the joy in your heart! Empower yourself, you are worth it! ♥️

With yourself

Just for today…

I got this inspiration from the 5 reiki principles! But instead of 5, I am offering you just this one line to live by just for today

Just for today, I will consciously transform all of my thoughts and words into positive, kind and empowering ones.

Be conscious of your thoughts and words today. Pay attention to them. If a negative thought comes up, change it into a positive thought instead.

Speak only words that are positive, empowering (for your self and others) and kind.

If you stray, remember your intention and come back to practice. 🙂

Write this intention and leave it somewhere that will serve as a gentle reminder to you.

Focus on this intention for a month and see how magnificently your life and outlook has changed! ♥️