With nature


You see the red that you are standing on? That isn’t a sign of danger or pain or a symbolism that your life has stopped. Nor is it going to. No. That is actually the top of a rainbow that you are standing on. And if you let the rain wash away all the muddy remains of your sadness, anger, and fear, the full magnitude of the other colours will shine through the ground that you are standing on.

Who said that rainbows have to be up in the sky? For centuries, people believed that God was in the sky too. But the vibrancy of the rainbow, like God, is within all of us. It is no coincidence that the colours of the rainbow are the same as the colours of our chakras!

And if during a tough time, you keep seeing rainbows (as I did), perhaps that is a gentle knock from above to re-focus on uplifting thoughts and practice gratitude.

photo credit: rainbow via photopin (license)