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Pacific organic soy milk (2 ingredients only)

pacific soy

Just a quick post introducing a no-nonsense, 2-ingredient organic soy milk that I found in Singapore. This product is from the USA.

I didn’t buy this because it is organic, but mainly because it is made with only 2 ingredients: water and soy! I enjoyed the clean taste of this milk. All other brands of soy milk that you can find in our supermarkets here in Singapore often contain some kind of a stabiliser, which is a pity as locally produced soy milk is so much cheaper. The stabilisers alters the taste greatly as well.

I found that this organic unsweetened soy milk by Pacific was cheapest at the coffee and cake place called Cedele. It was below SGD $6.

I miss buying almond, coconut and many other non-dairy beverages for below $3 in Australia!

If you are drinking brands of soy milk that are not organic and have some stabilisers in them, please don’t panic or get anxious. This post is not here to make you feel that way. I certainly don’t eat or drink this way all the time. Sometimes I come across products that I try and they really excite me and I share it with everyone here just to let you guys know that these are good.

Quick tip!

If you are on a budget, here is what you can do. The next time you are tempted to buy a coffee from a major chain cafe, spend that cash on a product like this instead. For about the same cost, you can use a packet like this to jazz up your coffee for about a week. Sometimes, I keep it for about 10 days.

Life is not meant to be perfect so relax, smile and make the best out of it! Being mindful about small decisions like these can make a big difference to your life and health! 🙂