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Vitasoy Coffee and Chocolate Soymilk


Vegan coffee-lovers, rejoice! I found a wonderful store-bought vegan coffee alternative in Sydney!

If you, like me, happen to love coffee, but not milk, you would understand the difficulties in finding good quality vegan coffees almost anywhere you go. Even at cafes, good vegan coffee can be hard to find (unless you have it black, which I often do) so this was a surprisingly satisfying buy for me.

This product is not 100% natural  as it contains “extracts” and “flavours” (I am always skeptical when I see this on a label… oh well). It also does contain sugar. The sugar was the reason I took a while at the supermarket to decide if I should purchase it. But I have learnt that trying to eat perfectly all the time takes away all the pleasures of eating clean. The moment it becomes a “must”, it can become incredibly limiting and stressful, which is something I have learnt not to put myself through again. 

On the upside, it happens to be,

❤ vegan,
❤ preservatives-free,
❤ gluten-free,
❤ lactose-free,
❤ cholesterol-free,
❤ non-GMO.


I purchased the iced coffee first and liked it so much that I went back and bought the chocolate milk as well.

I bought it at Coles for AUD$2.75 each. They seemed to be on a discount. I went into Woolloomooloo later and discovered that they were the same price there too. 🙂

Soy milk generally, tends to leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth. The soy protein tends to coat my tongue with a layer of protein which I often brush off after having any kind of soy drink. This drink did not leave much of a coating on my tongue, which I definitely appreciated.

The drink was slightly creamy with a sufficient taste of coffee and chocolate. I would have liked my coffee stronger but this worked just as well for me.

I was walking around trying to find something decent to eat and this coffee filled me up until I found something slightly later.

This has been the best store-bought vegan coffee I’ve tried thus far. They have a whole range of other vegan drinks that I am looking forward to trying as well!

Vitasoy, can you please make these without sugar? That would be perfect!