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Eating to escape

I own the terrible feelings that I feel in my body, mind and soul and I let them be. Somehow, allowing them to surface, instead of keeping them repressed, makes them go away. When I allow the murky, overwhelming and unpleasant feelings the room to make themselves known, I have learnt that overtime, they become… Continue reading Eating to escape

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Have you tried golden milk?

Ok, it isn't gold. It's yellow. 🙂 What is it made of? There are many variations but this is my go-to. Ingredients Nut milk as the base (coconut milk is particularly delicious) - 1 cup Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon Black pepper powder - sprinkle Cinnamon powder - sprinkle Fresh ginger - thumb-sized piece or as… Continue reading Have you tried golden milk?

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Recipe: Two-ingredient oats & banana cookie

Yes, a cookie recipe that requires just two ingredients - oats and bananas! This idea of a two-recipe cookie has been cropping up all over the net and because it is much healthier than the more traditional cookie, I decided to give it a shot! Ingredients: 1) 1 cup of oats (steel-cut or quick cooking) 2) 1… Continue reading Recipe: Two-ingredient oats & banana cookie

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Pacific organic soy milk (2 ingredients only)

Just a quick post introducing a no-nonsense, 2-ingredient organic soy milk that I found in Singapore. This product is from the USA. I didn't buy this because it is organic, but mainly because it is made with only 2 ingredients: water and soy! I enjoyed the clean taste of this milk. All other brands of soy milk that you… Continue reading Pacific organic soy milk (2 ingredients only)

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Let me finish all the junk first!

This cracked me up. Have anyone of you ever done this before? Question: why do we buy food that we know are not nourishing for us? What causes us to pick it up? More importantly, why have we programmed ourselves to feel that eating healthy is an all-or-nothing affair? How about we keep a list… Continue reading Let me finish all the junk first!

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Paprika Shokudo (Osaka, Japan)

Went to this delicious place in Osaka called Paprika Shokudo! It's fully vegan! I am always worried about ordering pasta since I am so used to bland pasta sauces in most restaurants. This was different. The sauce was so full of flavour. I couldn't stop eating it. I wanted to try so many of their dishes… Continue reading Paprika Shokudo (Osaka, Japan)

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Grapefruit & coconut juice (no juicer needed!)

Simple drink idea here. If you are not in the mood to juice or you don't have a juicer or you don't want a smoothie, try this instead! I love ideas like these that are sooo simple that I can't justify reaching out for anything that is loaded with sugar or chemicals. Two ingredients! Coconut… Continue reading Grapefruit & coconut juice (no juicer needed!)