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Eating to escape


I own the terrible feelings that I feel in my body, mind and soul and I let them be. Somehow, allowing them to surface, instead of keeping them repressed, makes them go away. When I allow the murky, overwhelming and unpleasant feelings the room to make themselves known, I have learnt that overtime, they become weaker and have less influence on me.

Sometimes I eat when I am full, because I feel an emptiness in my soul that needs to be filled. And the moment the bag of chips finishes, I feel the well-acquainted feeling of having let myself down, even though I knew better. That is what hurts. The fact that I knew better.

But this is not a post about regrets, it is a post about progression.

I have learnt that feeling through the undesirable emotions is an important step in putting food into my body with love. My body is my vessel, and if I don’t treat it right, I wouldn’t be able to live the life I am meant to live. More importantly, I will not be able to share the love I am here to share and spread. Because I have learnt that before I try to be loving towards others, I need to love and respect myself – both the intuition of the formless and the health of the physical form.


With food

Have you tried golden milk?


Ok, it isn’t gold. It’s yellow. 🙂

What is it made of?

There are many variations but this is my go-to.


  1. Nut milk as the base (coconut milk is particularly delicious) – 1 cup
  2. Turmeric powder – 1 teaspoon
  3. Black pepper powder – sprinkle
  4. Cinnamon powder – sprinkle
  5. Fresh ginger – thumb-sized piece or as desired
  6. Vanilla extract – a few drops
  7. Raw honey, coconut sugar, a few drops of stevia or any other vegan sweetener of choice – as desired.

Method 1

  1. Bring the nut milk to a boil together with the ginger pieces. This helps the ginger infuse more deeply into the milk.
  2. Add everything else except the sweetener into the boiled nut milk.
  3. Bring the nut milk to a boil again and make sure all the powders are well mixed in. There might be some cinnamon bits still visible on the surface, that is normal.
  4. If you are using raw honey, allow the milk to cool to the touch before adding the raw honey in as you want to retain as much of the nutritional value of the honey as possible. For other sweeteners, add at the end.

Method 2 (for lazy days)

Relax, take a deep breathe, add everything in and boil. Cool to your desired temperature and enjoy! Admit it, we all have days like these!

You do not have to follow the recipe above to be honest, you just have to eyeball it. That is how I do it all the time. As long as you are conscious not to add too much of something by accident, it will still end up tasting great.

Other variations to try

* Chia seeds – 1 teaspoon

* A pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt for depth

* A teaspoon of coconut oil (if you are not using coconut milk as the base)

* Thumb of raw turmeric instead of turmeric powder

* Cinnamon stick instead of cinnamon powder (remove it before you drink)

Cooking is about having fun and experimenting, so switch things up and try something different in the kitchen. 

How do you like your golden milk? 🙂 If you have any other variations, please share!

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Recipe: Two-ingredient oats & banana cookie

Yes, a cookie recipe that requires just two ingredients – oats and bananas!

This idea of a two-recipe cookie has been cropping up all over the net and because it is much healthier than the more traditional cookie, I decided to give it a shot!


1) 1 cup of oats (steel-cut or quick cooking)

2) 1 cup of mashed banana

Optional: chocolate or peanut butter chips or dried fruits


Mix, spoon onto a lined cookie tray and bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 180 degree celsius. That’s all.

Though the recipe above calls for a cup of bananas, in reality, sometimes you might not have enough bananas on hand to get exactly a cup (nor do you want to run out and get some). So I would suggest that you mash-up your bananas, measure it and add an equal portion of oats.

I find that steel-cut oats gives it really good texture, however, the recipe works just as well with quick cooking oats too! You can do half of each as well. I had some chocolate and peanut butter chips on hand which I tossed in and it was so yummy!

I didn’t measure the recipe at all to be honest, I just eyeballed everything in! It’s a very forgiving recipe and pretty versatile too! Dried fruits, almond butter chips, and maybe even fresh berries might work in here (though I have yet to try those variations).

Hope you like the recipe as much as I do! Have fun and play around with it! ❀

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Pacific organic soy milk (2 ingredients only)

pacific soy

Just a quick post introducing a no-nonsense, 2-ingredient organic soy milk that I found in Singapore. This product is from the USA.

I didn’t buy this because it is organic, but mainly because it is made with only 2 ingredients: water and soy! I enjoyed the clean taste of this milk. All other brands of soy milk that you can find in our supermarkets here in Singapore often contain some kind of a stabiliser, which is a pity as locally produced soy milk is so much cheaper. The stabilisers alters the taste greatly as well.

I found that this organic unsweetened soy milk by Pacific was cheapest at the coffee and cake place called Cedele. It was below SGD $6.

I miss buying almond, coconut and many other non-dairy beverages for below $3 in Australia!

If you are drinking brands of soy milk that are not organic and have some stabilisers in them, please don’t panic or get anxious. This post is not here to make you feel that way. I certainly don’t eat or drink this way all the time. Sometimes I come across products that I try and they really excite me and I share it with everyone here just to let you guys know that these are good.

Quick tip!

If you are on a budget, here is what you can do. The next time you are tempted to buy a coffee from a major chain cafe, spend that cash on a product like this instead. For about the same cost, you can use a packet like this to jazz up your coffee for about a week. Sometimes, I keep it for about 10 days.

Life is not meant to be perfect so relax, smile and make the best out of it! Being mindful about small decisions like these can make a big difference to your life and health! 🙂

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Let me finish all the junk first!

This cracked me up. Have anyone of you ever done this before?

Question: why do we buy food that we know are not nourishing for us? What causes us to pick it up? More importantly, why have we programmed ourselves to feel that eating healthy is an all-or-nothing affair?

How about we keep a list of our favourites (that are junky) and we work towards finding much healthier alternatives instead (either homemade or store bought)? 🙂

Here is an example:

Japan, With food

Paprika Shokudo (Osaka, Japan)

Went to this delicious place in Osaka called Paprika Shokudo! It’s fully vegan!

Entrance poster Paprika Shokudo
This sign made me soooo happy! Vegan food in Japan!
Paprika Shokudo menu 1 stayconnectednow.com
Drinks menu. Free wifi too!
Paprika Shokudo menu 2 stayconnectednow.com
Dinner menu.
Appetisers: Chickpea with zucchini (left) and marinated carrots with enoki mushroom (right).
Vegan cheese pizza. The tomatoes were very, very fresh. The cheese was made of soy I believe so it didn’t melt too well. I could have eaten the pizza with just the tomatoes!
I am always worried about ordering pasta since I am so used to bland pasta sauces in most restaurants. This was different. The sauce was so full of flavour. I couldn’t stop eating it.
vegan brownie
Vegan brownie with nuts and raspberry sauce for dessert.
vegan cheese cake (1)
My friend and I also shared this cheese cake.
Grain coffee
Washed down the dessert with this grain coffee.

I wanted to try so many of their dishes but was only in Osaka for a night (not to mention Paprika Shokudo was almost an hour and a half away from my hotel) so I took away a vegan karaage set for lunch the next day.

The vegan karaage of my dreams!

This was my favourite of the 3 mains that I tried from the restaurant. I have been craving for this ever since. It tasted so authentic. The karaage was made from soy but did not have the processed soy taste at all. It tasted so close to the chicken karaage that I have tried in the past.

My only regret was not ordering more food to take away! I decided to taste test a piece of the karaage in the morning and ended up devouring the whole meal! Breakfast of champions, I know. 🙂

I hope I can give you directions but my friend and I were so lost that we had to ask several people for directions before we found the place.

The restaurant was so crowded that the staff (very politely) told us that they did not have any more space. Perhaps because I had a luggage with me and my friend and I told them that we were willing to wait for as long as necessary, that they suggested the individual high seats and asked if we were fine with those. Of course we were. I would suggest checking their opening hours ahead of time and making reservations to avoid any disappointment.


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ï»żGrapefruit & coconut juice (no juicer needed!)

Simple drink idea here. If you are not in the mood to juice or you don’t have a juicer or you don’t want a smoothie, try this instead! I love ideas like these that are sooo simple that I can’t justify reaching out for anything that is loaded with sugar or chemicals.

Two ingredients! Coconut water (carton – I buy brands that are 100% coconut juice only) + 1 grapefruit. You can do this with any sour citrus. The sweetness of the coconut water goes so well with the sour citrus.

I used a fork to squeeze out all the juice from the grapefruit. Mix and that’s it!

Look at the colour! Pretty pastel peach!