Soul-stirring books

Milton’s Secret by Eckhart Tolle and Robert S. Friedman

A simple but deeply meaningful book that teaches children about the power of being intensely present in the moment. I believe this book will benefit adults too, as I read this and immediately felt peace and spiritual alignment. This book is about letting go of unnecessary worries and surrendering to life. A book to keep by your children’s bedside and read to them often to remind them that life is simpler and more beautiful than they might believe it to be.

Soul-stirring books

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

This girl is pure courage. I enjoyed this book for many reasons.

  1. It is a world I have never experienced and one I can’t imagine. But to think this bleak scenario is normal for many is heartbreaking and scary. 
  2. The reality that people still live in an environment driven by guns, bullets, destruction, hatred, repression and oppression is hard to swallow. The fact that children are exposed to this is even more tragic.
  3. Malala’s strength, courage, spirit and wisdom are inspiring. 
  4. Malala’s sense of gratitude and her intentional positive outlook of life is heartening and uplifting.
  5. Her honesty is very appealing. Malala is just like us and she isn’t afraid to keep it real. She feels insecure about her appearance, lonely, scared, argues with her friends and brothers, cries and even feels upset when someone else does better than her. She is very relatable which makes her strength seem accessible to all of us too. Strength, courage and perseverance is inside all of us too!

    This is a great book for people of all ages as it shows that once one is connected to the spirit of love, peace and oneness within, no obstacle is too big and no task is impossible. 

    It also shows that being peaceful does not mean being passive and surrendered. It means choosing your battles wisely and fighting them persistently despite your fears and any hatred and criticisms that might come your way.

    Soul-stirring books

    Seeds of hope by Dr. Jane Goodall & Gail Hudson


    I was considering if this book was soul-stirring for me or just a real eye-opener. I decided it was little of both, because it made me realise how much I missed being out in nature.

    As this is quite an intensive read, you might want to savour it slowly and leisurely. Dr. Jane’s attention to detail and her research skills are phenomenal. She had written in such a way that I could visualise the forests and everything else she was describing.

    If you are a nature lover or just curious about the state of the rainforests of the world, this book might be a great read for you.It also exposes many issues that you might not expect or even be suprised to find out.

    Here is a tiny snippet from the book – “Birds can drop GM seeds that can germinate in organic fields. More and more organic grains and other foods, when tested, are found to be contaminated. This can lead to significant loss of revenue for organic farmers. Moreover, if GM crops are found growing in their fields, organic farmers may be sued by Monsanto for growing their patented plants without paying for them”.

    Soul-stirring books

    Silence by Thich Nhat Hanh


    The power of quiet in a world full of noise. 

    I came across this book at a point in time when I really wanted some peace and quiet. And this book brought so much comfort to me.

    If you, like me, tend to sometimes walk around with truckloads of thoughts that you need to disconnect from, this book could help.

    The following paragraph from the book is my favourite.

    “These are the two dimensions of solitude, and they are both important. The first is to be alone physically. The second is to be able to be yourself and stay centered even in the midst of a group. It is because you are comfortable in solitude that you can be in communion with the world. I feel connected to you because I am fully myself. It’s simple: to really relate to the world, you have to first go back and relate to yourself.”Thich Nhat Hanh





    Soul-stirring books

    A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


    This book is about, among other things, living a life beyond the mental image that we have created of ourselves. If you yearn for peace, acceptance, surrender and presence in your life, this is a book you would want to have on your bookshelf. It is not a book to read from cover to cover. I have had this book for over 6 years and am constantly learning from it. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and put it down, other times I am amazed that I missed something so deep!

    Soul-stirring books

    The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


    I know everyone talks about this book and for a good reason, too. This book is full of wisdom. And everytime I read it, I take something new away from it.

    The Alchemist is a story about the power of our dreams. We come across so many materials and books about the law of attraction and manifestation. This book gives us an example of what that journey might look like. And the journey is not perfect for the main character. Nowhere near perfect. And that is what makes so many of us feel connected to this book. Our imperfect lives and how so often, our dreams seem so far away.

    It reminds us to believe in our dreams, remain true to ourselves and always come back to the truth in our hearts, regardless of our external circumstances.

    The book also talks about omens, which could also be expressed as signs or little intuitive nudgings that we all experience as we navigate through life. Coelho suggests that these omens are pointing us in the right direction, guiding us to the next step that we would have to take, in order to move closer to tasting our dreams.

    There is so much to say about this book, but I am not sure that I can possibly say something that has not already been said. But I can say this, if you want to read something that will help you to believe in the power of staying true to your dreams, get your hands on this book and have a good, slow read.

    Then you decide if it speaks to your soul.