With yourself

We are all born leaders

I got on a bus the other day and saw a teenage school girl get on with a student council badge pinned to her uniform. A badge of leadership. 

In schools, being selected for the student council is prestigious and coverted. Only students with tops scores got chosen for the council and got to go for leadership camps, outward bound school and many other special activities. 

I understand the idea of a student-led student body, however, I wish at some point, all of us were empowered to become the leaders of our own lives. 

Our purpose is to become our own leaders. To take our lives in our hands and dance with it. To find our bliss. To slow down and really pay deep attention to ourselves and our actions. We are all born leaders! 

You! You are a leader! And you don’t need a badge to prove it! Go lead your life by listening to the joy in your heart! Empower yourself, you are worth it! ♥️


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