With Spirit, With yourself

Meditation for anxiety with Adriene

I have experienced that conscious breathing is the best way to reduce or disempower anxiety. In meditation terms, they say that we have to stay with the entire breath and observe the air as it goes in all the way and comes back out. Be present with the breath.

Another important way is to watch our thoughts as they come up and create positive and empowering thoughts instead. Anxiety is caused by unnecessary worries or fears about the future and our deep, innate feeling of never being good enough.

We need to trust ourselves.

I have learnt that writing my own list of positive statements is much more effective in creating a sense of peace, calm and positivity in me than in reading out or affirming someone else’s list.

Go ahead, read some of the examples below and start writing or typing out your own list. You can call it a prayer, affirmation, writing meditation or whatever you want. Let’s go beyond labels here.

I trust myself.

All the answers are within me. 

I can handle anything and everything that life throws at me with positivity and grace.

I trust that any mistakes are learning lessons. 

I am imperfect and thus I will make mistakes along the way. 

I will be kind and gentle with myself when I do act unconsciously.

There is no right or wrong. 

I am perfectly ok the way I am.

What other people think of me no longer matters to me. 

I am love. 

Dark days, negative people and difficult circumstances do nothing to the truth that my entire being is made up of love and kindness. 

I will be kind and loving with myself all the time.


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