With yourself

Can’t find a reason to smile? I’ll give you a 100! Pick any 5!

Some days you might wake up and feel like doing absolutely nothing at all. Some days you might not even want to get out of bed.

I created this list to inspire you (and myself). Because even on the darkest days, there is something to be grateful for.

You might not be able to relate to everything on this list but pick any 5 and write a full sentence about what you are grateful for and why. Forget grammar, just write from your heart.

Eg. Today, I am grateful for the fact that there is food in the fridge and I can cook myself a decent lunch or dinner.


Today, I am grateful for my bookshelf and all of the knowledge and wisdom that I have available to me, at the flip of a page.

Ready to try it? Here we go!

  1. Bed
  2. Rain
  3. Sun
  4. Birds chirping at a distance
  5. Saturday
  6. Sunday
  7. Food on the table/in the fridge
  8. Breakfast/lunch/dinner
  9. Friend/s
  10. Bestfriend/s
  11. Family
  12. Nature
  13. Garden
  14. Park
  15. Beach
  16. Job
  17. Books
  18. Education
  19. Water
  20. Shower
  21. Essential oils
  22. Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband/Wife/Partner
  23. Flower
  24. Electricity
  25. Animals
  26. Rainbow
  27. Smell of cooking
  28. Message from friend
  29. That email/text/picture/video/music that made you smile
  30. Your favourite music
  31. The time you danced like no one watched you
  32. That time you laughed until your belly hurt
  33. Salt lamp
  34. Writing materials
  35. Soccer boots
  36. Sports
  37. That movie that made you laugh
  38. Baby
  39. Puppy
  40. Doggie
  41. Cat
  42. Kitten
  43. Horse
  44. Picnic
  45. That time someone made your day with their kindness
  46. Your favourite accessory (put in on now!)
  47. Pictures of your loved ones
  48. Cup of coffee
  49. Cup of tea
  50. Hug from someone
  51. Kiss from someone
  52. Yoga
  53. Jogging
  54. Smoothie
  55. Juice
  56. Candles
  57. Aromatherapy
  58. That spa you went for
  59. That massage
  60. Money in the wallet
  61. Money in the bank
  62. Clothes to wear
  63. A clear sky
  64. Stars
  65. Shooting star
  66. Breathing
  67. Angels
  68. Phone/ipad/laptop/computer that works
  69. Breeze
  70. Icy cold drink
  71. Your favourite book
  72. That time you manifested something
  73. Travel
  74. Silence
  75. Fresh fruits
  76. Fresh vegetables
  77. That time you felt deep peace
  78. Air conditioning
  79. Greenery
  80. Perfume
  81. Dessert
  82. Chocolate
  83. Hands that function
  84. Home
  85. Shelter
  86. Notebook
  87. Writing materials
  88. Drawing materials
  89. Sun dress
  90. Hair
  91. Incense sticks
  92. Smudge sticks
  93. Colours
  94. Car
  95. That time you got wet in the rain and enjoyed it
  96. Snuggling under warm covers on a cold morning for 5 extra minutes!
  97. Loved one’s cooking
  98. Health
  99. A soulmate that taught you something
  100. A clean bathroom

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