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Recipe: Two-ingredient oats & banana cookie

Yes, a cookie recipe that requires just two ingredients – oats and bananas!

This idea of a two-recipe cookie has been cropping up all over the net and because it is much healthier than the more traditional cookie, I decided to give it a shot!


1) 1 cup of oats (steel-cut or quick cooking)

2) 1 cup of mashed banana

Optional: chocolate or peanut butter chips or dried fruits


Mix, spoon onto a lined cookie tray and bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 180 degree celsius. That’s all.

Though the recipe above calls for a cup of bananas, in reality, sometimes you might not have enough bananas on hand to get exactly a cup (nor do you want to run out and get some). So I would suggest that you mash-up your bananas, measure it and add an equal portion of oats.

I find that steel-cut oats gives it really good texture, however, the recipe works just as well with quick cooking oats too! You can do half of each as well. I had some chocolate and peanut butter chips on hand which I tossed in and it was so yummy!

I didn’t measure the recipe at all to be honest, I just eyeballed everything in! It’s a very forgiving recipe and pretty versatile too! Dried fruits, almond butter chips, and maybe even fresh berries might work in here (though I have yet to try those variations).

Hope you like the recipe as much as I do! Have fun and play around with it! ❤