Japan, With food

Paprika Shokudo (Osaka, Japan)

Went to this delicious place in Osaka called Paprika Shokudo! It’s fully vegan!

Entrance poster Paprika Shokudo
This sign made me soooo happy! Vegan food in Japan!
Paprika Shokudo menu 1 stayconnectednow.com
Drinks menu. Free wifi too!
Paprika Shokudo menu 2 stayconnectednow.com
Dinner menu.
Appetisers: Chickpea with zucchini (left) and marinated carrots with enoki mushroom (right).
Vegan cheese pizza. The tomatoes were very, very fresh. The cheese was made of soy I believe so it didn’t melt too well. I could have eaten the pizza with just the tomatoes!
I am always worried about ordering pasta since I am so used to bland pasta sauces in most restaurants. This was different. The sauce was so full of flavour. I couldn’t stop eating it.
vegan brownie
Vegan brownie with nuts and raspberry sauce for dessert.
vegan cheese cake (1)
My friend and I also shared this cheese cake.
Grain coffee
Washed down the dessert with this grain coffee.

I wanted to try so many of their dishes but was only in Osaka for a night (not to mention Paprika Shokudo was almost an hour and a half away from my hotel) so I took away a vegan karaage set for lunch the next day.

The vegan karaage of my dreams!

This was my favourite of the 3 mains that I tried from the restaurant. I have been craving for this ever since. It tasted so authentic. The karaage was made from soy but did not have the processed soy taste at all. It tasted so close to the chicken karaage that I have tried in the past.

My only regret was not ordering more food to take away! I decided to taste test a piece of the karaage in the morning and ended up devouring the whole meal! Breakfast of champions, I know. 🙂

I hope I can give you directions but my friend and I were so lost that we had to ask several people for directions before we found the place.

The restaurant was so crowded that the staff (very politely) told us that they did not have any more space. Perhaps because I had a luggage with me and my friend and I told them that we were willing to wait for as long as necessary, that they suggested the individual high seats and asked if we were fine with those. Of course we were. I would suggest checking their opening hours ahead of time and making reservations to avoid any disappointment.



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