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Organic Matcha Soy (no sugar or anything else!)


Matcha fans who are also health conscious, this one is for you!

I found a new brand of instant matcha soy drink that has two ingredients – matcha powder and soy powder!

I am thrilled to share it with all of you living in or visiting Singapore!

Anyone who loves Matcha would understand how difficult it is to get dairy-free matcha milk in Singapore (and in many other countries too).




❤ Organic

❤ Vegetarian

❤ Gluten-free

❤ No sugar added

❤ 100% Japanese Matcha

❤ No colouring or flavourings

❤ No preservatives and artificial additives


The box contains 20 sachets and makes about 190ml each. Not much, but enough to satisfy the craving for matcha in a conscious manner.


This is what the prepared drink looked like.  I was half-expecting that vibrant green colour that we often see in pictures of matcha milk, but it turned out to be dull green. But then again, if it is all-natural, I am really not concerned about colour. This just helps to reaffirm that artificial colouring plays a huge part in the food industry and it is quite scary to think about how much of these chemicals we have been consuming for so long (knowingly or unknowingly).

You can definitely taste the matcha and the soy in there. If you throw in some non-dairy creamer and some sugar, it will taste similar to the version in Starbucks, but a much smaller portion. I would personally prefer a stronger matcha taste but  having said that, this might be a good alternative to have on hand for those who are really doing their best to eat and drink as clean as possible.

The only drawback is the cost. The original cost of this product is $38. I got it at a discount and it was $28.50. I was seriously considering if I should buy it. But I realised that it is a rare find – instant + two ingredients + organic + nothing unknown going into my body = worth having on hand when the matcha craving hits.

I also told myself that I can get only 4 drinks in Starbucks for around the same cost (in Singapore at least), so having 20 drinks on hand is not too bad. I guess this will help me with portion size as well. Besides, at the discounted rate that I bought it, it is less than $1.50 per portion.

I will find a way to make my own matcha milk at some point (I have a great idea for it too!) but for now, this should keep me satisfied.

Hope it helps you too!

Found it at NTUC Fair Price, Simply Organic Section.


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