With food

Healthy eating: not an all or nothing


Ever bite matters. Every time I choose to eat something cleaner, that is a tiny victory for me. Progress, not perfection. It’s about gradually building momentum. If you start at a full sprint, you will not be able to get far.

We beat ourselves up too much when we fail – if we attempt to cook something healthy and it tastes dreadful or if we fall into a moment of despair and reach out for an unhealthy comfort food.

Sometimes social media gives us unrealistic expectations of the ‘perfect’ or ‘all or nothing’ kinds of diets. It’s exhausting and I am aware that I become disappointed with myself quite easily. I have learnt to take social media posts about food as an inspiration, but not as the absolutely perfect way to eat. This is mainly because everyone has different foods that they reach out to for comfort. Mine might not be the same as yours. And culturally, the food that I love, might not be food that someone else is even aware of! So taking inspiration from someone else and then going ahead and creating healthier versions of your favourite comfort foods might be a good way to move forward with healthier and more conscious eating.

It’s all about discovering what you really love to eat, and then finding ways to create vibrant versions of those dishes. Have you heard of pizza base that is made from cauliflower? Or delicious chocolate and peanut butter balls made with sweet potatoes? It is absolutely possible to create healthier versions of your favourite food and snacks! It just takes time, patience and experimenting (but it will be very worth it!).

Here’s to mindful eating. If I should choose to eat something unhealthy, I will at least do it mindfully to observe how my body (and soul) truly feels eating it. And based on that, I can decide if that meal or snack or dessert is worth eating in the moment and in the future. I have learnt that sometimes, soul food might not be the healthiest but if you feel happy at the end of the day, then it’s worth it.

And if you cook and it tastes dreadful, be kind with yourself. Identify the mistake and try again. I have cooked very inedible “food” before. But I never let it hold me back.

Stay strong and pace yourself! 🙂


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