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Colouring meditation

Colouring meditation

Colouring books for adults have recently become quite popular, with book and lifestyle stores offering many different types of themes for us to choose from.

Whilst at a bookstore, I came across a colouring book that was titled, “The Little Book of Calm Colouring” by David Sinden and Victoria Kay. I am not much of an art enthusiast, however, I have tried painting random things in order to alleviate my anxiety in the past and it worked. I felt calm and the whole process was very therapeutic. I decided to go back to that safe place again.

I bought this book at a store in Gold Coast airport and came back home to find out that my sister bought the exact same book in Singapore a day before me! What a beautiful coincidence that shows that we are on the same path. 🙂

The one lesson that I learnt while using this colouring book is that true focus can overcome the distractions of the external environment. Usually, I would sit in the silence of my room in order to feel calm and re-energised. However, I sat with my sister and we both coloured our books while the television was still on. This is a huge step for me in learning to sustain my inner calm and peace despite the external environment.

Watching television overwhelms me sometimes and I run to the quiet shelter of my room to take cover. The negative side of this escapism is that I lose valuable time to hold conversations with my family, which usually happens in front of the TV. Some things are beyond our control and learning to work around them is always the golden lesson.

Coming back to the colouring book, the moment I opened it up, I observed the need for myself to do a “good” job with the colouring. My mind wanted the colouring to be neat and flawless. I told myself to just colour, without having any plans or a certain approach in mind. I need to let go of the need for perfection.

The colouring book that I chose for myself has simple designs that appeal to me.
The colouring book that I chose for myself has simple designs that appeal to me.

Half way through the colouring, I felt relaxed, calm and incredibly sleepy. It was my body’s way of telling me that sleep is what I needed at that point in time so I fell asleep on the sofa for an hour! It felt good!

Colouring (and art in general) can be very therapeutic though we need to approach it from an angle that benefits us the most. I told myself to colour without any restrictions and whenever I wanted instead of making it a routine and pressuring myself.

The book I bought comes with random quotes on the adjacent page. I decided to write my own reflections on the empty space above.

I did finish a page of colouring and wrote what I felt and learnt during the process. Though the reflections are personal, I will share with you my colouring which brought me so much peace and joy. So many of us have learnt to associate art with talent but I do believe that we need to learn to associate art with its inherent ability to bring peace into our lives instead.

My colouring! I used oil pastels, old coloured pencils and markers… no rules! My intention was to focus on the colours as I was colouring, to allow them to bring me joy.

Your artwork doesn’t have to take anyone else’s breath away, it just needs to give you the space to focus on yours. 🙂 Allow yourself to be imperfect and messy. It’s ok. Noone is judging you. Just make sure you are being kind with yourself during the entire process. ❤

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