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Have a sense of humour

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Humour. So many definitions. When is something really, truly funny?

I just realised one thing. Making fun of someone you have a good rapport with is different from making fun of someone from a point of higher authority. When something is funny, everyone should laugh, especially those being made fun of. If one or two people are laughing at the expense of others, that, perhaps, could be akin to bullying.

If you have been made fun of or humiliated by someone in the name of humour or if you have been told to have a sense of humour when being made fun of (even though you have expressed that you are not feeling so good on the inside), please don’t worry. I would like to assure you that you are not alone.

When we are trying to open ourselves up to connect deeper to our spiritual side, we might tend to dismiss everything that is happening in our lives as unimportant. However, these instances do create pain and pain can be triggered over and over again.

This post is not here to try and change anyone. Mean and insensitive people are going to be just that, mean and insensitive. And whether we like it or not, they are going to be around. We are going to encounter them now and then.

This post is here as a reminder that our personal power is in knowing that it is ok to feel the way we feel. It is ok to be sensitive, to be gentle, to get easily hurt. It really is ok. There is no need to judge the way we feel.

We just need to know that the pain is not us. We are not the pain. The pain is just there in us and as long as we don’t identify with it and play it in our heads over and over again, we will be able to carry on with our lives with love and kindness.

But that is so much easier said than done. So here is a reminder, that despite our circumstances, we are truly worthy of the most powerful love there is out there: self-love.

Coming back to the topic on hand, these instances remind me of why it is so important to me to write about random things on this page. We just don’t talk about these little things enough. The little stuff matter! And we need to remain empowered and remember that no matter what happens, the love, light and kindness that illuminates from all of us is always present.

If people block out their light with their own darkness, we don’t always need to light the path for them to walk out. Sometimes, when the darkness is too overwhelming for us, it is perfectly alright to use our light to illuminate our own path (like a walking candle), so that we get out of the darkness they have created around us as well.

Once we have illuminated our path, we can work on forgiveness. But there is no need to rush into it. Once we learn to love ourselves, we can slowly extend our love and forgiveness to others.

‘With our own thoughts, we can drown in a sea of negativity or we can float on the ocean of life.’ – Louise Hay

Let’s remain empowered!

Much love! ❤

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