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The magic of growing your own food

2016-02-08-20.02.58.png.pngI have never grown my own food before but the picture above that I captured in the Olympic Park in Qingdao, China, made me wonder what that experience might be like. How wonderful must it be to go out into your backyard, pick the freshest produce that you can possibly get, and plan out the meals for the day.

Consuming fresh produce frequently makes your tastebuds sensitive to the chemicals and preservatives in your store-bought food. It has come to a point whereby many of the junk food that I used to eat before, are no longer a temptation because I can taste the chemicals in them. Having said that I definitely do not eat perfectly, but have started the weeding process.

Do people with the privilege of eating home-grown fruits and vegetables have an advantage over those who don’t? Or do they challenge that privilege by desiring what they don’t have… which is junk and unhealthy food?

If I were to ever have a garden, I want to be as happy as the couple depicted by the sculptor/s of the statue above! For sure, farming is no piece of cake, but the joy in nurturing a garden that in turn nourishes your body with the same love that you had given it, must be undeniable. A full circle moment with nature!