With yourself

Dread is a blessing

What if we viewed the feeling of dread as an indicator of the need for change, instead of a prison cell, in which we are doomed to be stuck in forever?

There is no wrong emotion. There is no such thing as the wrong thing to feel. What we feel is so unique to us, so unique to our journey that we mustn’t risk diluting it’s purity by comparing it to the journey of others.

There is no right or wrong. It simply is. And I invite the feeling and experience it instead of wishing it away. Because wishing it away is the work of resistance. And resistance only creates obstacles. Resistance builds roots on our fears and internal struggles and keeps us stuck there.

I am grateful for the dread, the shame, the anxiety, the fear, the sadness and every other negative emotion I feel, because all those are indicators of something that is going on inside of me that needs to change. The world does not need to change. Change comes from within: be it my attitude, my perspectives, my conditioning, my fears, my thoughts or my influences. Change comes from within. 

Resistance is the invisible gatekeeper, at the entrance of our pathway to freedom. And acceptance enables us to walk right through him.

Accept your pain and struggles and god, oh god, the shame. It’s there, it’s not going anywhere and I am grateful to feel and experience it because it is a timely reminder that there is another way to live.

There is another way to live.


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