With food, With yourself

Enough by Geneen Roth

“Since I dont allow myself to savour, what I already have, I always want more.” – Geneen Roth

I have spent my whole life thinking about decluttering and it is an ongoing battle for me. The truth is, I own more things than I need. And as a first step to simplifying my room (and life), I decided a few months back to stop buying more things. I only get things that I absolutely need and nothing more. If I were to purchase something, I tell myself to let something else go to charity. And this has helped me in many ways.

This video by Geneen Roth encourages me to appreciate what I have and remind myself that I am enough.

I am enough. I have enough.

Collectively, we have enough and we are enough. We don’t need another “thing” to complete us.


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