Soul-stirring books

Seeds of hope by Dr. Jane Goodall & Gail Hudson


I was considering if this book was soul-stirring for me or just a real eye-opener. I decided it was little of both, because it made me realise how much I missed being out in nature.

As this is quite an intensive read, you might want to savour it slowly and leisurely. Dr. Jane’s attention to detail and her research skills are phenomenal. She had written in such a way that I could visualise the forests and everything else she was describing.

If you are a nature lover or just curious about the state of the rainforests of the world, this book might be a great read for you.It also exposes many issues that you might not expect or even be suprised to find out.

Here is a tiny snippet from the book – “Birds can drop GM seeds that can germinate in organic fields. More and more organic grains and other foods, when tested, are found to be contaminated. This can lead to significant loss of revenue for organic farmers. Moreover, if GM crops are found growing in their fields, organic farmers may be sued by Monsanto for growing their patented plants without paying for them”.


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