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Past-Life Regression (PLR) Guided Session with Dr. Brian Weiss

The idea of having a life or a few lives before this current one is so intriguing. How would we ever know for sure? Is it really possible? I believe it is, though I have never tried a regression session with a therapist face to face before. I would love to try it though.

It is definitely important to do such regressions with a therapist with a good track record or trustworthy testimonials as there is a huge element of vulnerability involved for those regressing. I first came across Dr. Weiss on the Oprah show and did a youtube search to see if I can try a virtual session with him.

I tried the following regression and love the constant reassurance of safety that he provides. His voice is also really calm and gentle. I have heard Dr. Wiess explaining that these sessions might not always work the first time. So it is important to keep being open and trying it until you start to experience something. I have fallen asleep a number of times (maybe I should have done it sitting up instead of lying down) but it was a really peaceful and deep sleep, so I was content.

With these mysterious experiences, I believe that the less uptight we are and the less expectations we have, the more is revealed to us.

I see it as layers of mental and emotional blockages being removed one after another until we are finally ready to experience some elements of our past life/lives. Maybe, if I were to do a regression session with a therapist face to face, it might be easier for me to go back in time. I wouldn’t know until I have tried it.

In the meanwhile, for those of you who are curious, you might want to give Dr. Weiss’ guided session a shot!

In case you are wondering, he has written several books and is considered a master in his field, so rest assured that he is definitely not an amateur youtuber practicing his regression skills! 🙂


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