With others, With yourself

The need to fit in

Just experienced a situation whereby there was an internal conflict debating my need to fit in (work setting) versus the need to be true to myself. I picked the latter. But this was a conscious decision I had to make. I caught myself convincing me that it is ok to not follow my truth, just to fit in. I was debating with myself on how I can make the experience enjoyable, even though I knew I was not going to enjoy it.

It involved drinking and socialising in a group setting, both of which I generally avoid, unless I wholeheartedly choose either of it. I always have a choice, but I need to choose for me, not out of pressure or obligation.

Then an internal light bulb went on and I knew what I had to do. I had to just listen to my intuition, which did not want me to go.

Just wanted to share this. As trivial as it might seem, little conscious decisions on a daily basis are really important when we are trying to be our authentic selves. Consistency is key and slip-ups are normal. Don’t panic or get anxious. Question your intentions as often as you need to and remember to celebrate being you! ❤

photo credit: Starfish – one is not like the others via photopin (license)