With yourself

I ask for courage


I ask for the courage to live my life in the deepest truth of my soul, for in there, lies my ability to serve and connect.

Living wholeheartedly is never easy. We have been told by the world over and over again since birth that there is a certain way to live, feel, think, and act in order to fit in. Life does not come with a manual but there is an invisible manual that we are told to abide by. An invisible manual created by invisible people, who drowned themselves in the “rules of life” to please others at the cost of their own inner truth.

I found out that true courage is about being afraid, very afraid and still taking a chance to live in my truth. And it might not always work out in the way I intended, but it works out in a way that will ultimately continue leading me to my truth. It is ok to make mistakes along the way. There is no such thing as perfection. Yet, there is a perfection in the way life gives me exactly what I want. Exactly what I put out into the world with my feelings. Exactly what I believe in.

So tell me, why do I need to follow an invisible manual created by invisible people when there is an invisible force that is there to guide and connect me to my immense, invisible power?


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